Roaring 20s Irish Orchestra

The Roaring 20s Irish Orchestra performed on Gala Night at Tradfest Dublin on January 27, 2018. The main quartet, left to right below are Martin Murray (banjo), Frankie Gavin (fiddle), Emma Corbett (melodeon) and Carl Hession (piano). [Photo Karl Leonard copyright is AniarTV]
Other musicians on the night included clarinet, double-bass and a brass section comprising four trumpets.
The Galway Farewell
The Contrary Reel
Frankie Gavin has said that he belongs spiritually to the American/Irish music scene of the 1920s – a time when expatriate musicians like The Flanagans, Michael Coleman and James Morrison and others made their recordings for homesick compatriots, as well as for millions back in Ireland. The band’s first performance was a successful attempt to recreate the sound of a golden age of Irish music, and hopefully it won’t be the last outing for this high-octane band.
Here are two tracks from their forthcoming album