Princess Grace Symphonic Suite


An orchestral piece by Frankie Gavin and Carl Hession.

The Philharmonic Orchestra of Monte-Carlo, considered one of the most esteemed and ideal interpreters of World Premiere works, chose The Princess Grace Suite as its most recently celebrated work. Created by one of Ireland’s musical ambassadors, Frankie Gavin, this suite is a celebration of the life of an extraordinary woman, Grace Kelly.  It is a continuous work, and covers the whole spectrum of human emotions; wonderful up-tempo jigs and reels and hornpipes, evocative slow airs which intertwine with melancholic melodies.

This At its premiere In Monaco, De Dannan delivered the first half of the evening and the orchestra ushered in the full suite with Frankie Gavin on Principal Violin after the intermission. Of course, there are options for the program and we look forward to discussing what would work best for your audience. The samples below are from the first performance in Monaco in September 2022.

Symphonic Audio Sample I
Symphonic Audio Sample II
Symphonic Audio Sample III

Born in Philadelphia from Irish heritage, Grace Kelly lit up the American silver screen as an iconic actress of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Retiring from acting at age 26, Kelly married Prince Rainier III of Monaco. In addition to gaining UNICEF and UNESCO status with organizations she created for children’s rights as well as the arts, Princess Grace left behind three children one of which was awed by the music of Frankie Gavin. The regal union of H.S.H Prince Albert (Grace’s heir), Irish music royalty, and the memory of this extraordinary woman is felt in every breath of this rich musical offering.

For more information on this piece see Wooden Ship Productions.